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Our open knowledge project enhances social awareness of global poverty. It makes more people engaged in dialogues, donations, and philanthropic commitments for the impoverished around the world. We rely on the power of a random act of kindness: the potential to turn a life around. Online social networks connect people with similar interests together. Motivated volunteers and the connectivity via social media are the driving force of our social awareness project.

Although we initially launched as a pilot project, the power of volunteers made us continue and stride forward in opening up the access to knowledge on global poverty. Our volunteers are loosely or closely affiliated with the organization, effectively collaborating with each other to contribute their valuable time, talents, and enthusiasm, with a strong sense of responsibilities. Getting involved in the social awareness project is an opportunity to discover new ways to collaborate and learn from others. Some volunteers have contributed for many years, and others volunteer from abroad, in places like Vancouver, Beijing, Edinburgh, Paris, and New Jersey.

Apply for Our Social Awareness Project

We are a non-profit organization based in Seoul, South Korea. We welcome passionate and talented individuals who share with us the vision to eradicate global poverty through raising public awareness. Anyone who is willing to support our mission may apply. Please send your short note or inquiries to us. E-mail:recruit@povertyinfo.org

• Volunteer : : Most volunteers cooperate in knowledge production and sharing through online communications and collaborative tools, regardless of distance. Volunteers are required to partake in monthly meet-ups, which consist of social awareness campaign, conferences, flash mobs, and social outreach. A wide variety of positions are open, ranging from media production to translation, narration, column writing, social media management, blog posting, software engineering, campaign organization, web design, public relations, and fundraising.

• Internship: Those who hold a baccalaureate degree in any discipline or students on a leave of absence are eligible for internship opportunities. Graduate students studying international studies, computer science, media communications, and economic development are encouraged to apply.


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