Get Involved with Social Awareness  
  This how-to-guide tells that how you can join our social awareness campaign. We will be pleased to see that you are at the starting point for a meaningful change. We hope to assist your commitments and actions, which are initial steps for alleviating global poverty.

Getting Started with Social Media

Do you have any social networking service accounts? Are you active on Twitter or Facebook? Are you interested in uploading photos on Twitter with short messages?
  Do You Have a Smartphone?

When you find useful information about something, how do you share you're your friends in the right way? Do you know that poverty is not just a problem of hunger? Have you ever read or heard about relationships between poverty and education, water shortage, sanitation, agricultural innovation, maternal health, child mortality, AIDS/HIV, and malaria?
  Talk to Friends about the Number of Global Poverty

You may have had serious talks with your friends about your business, a brand new product you got, or gossips about celebrities. How many times today have you thought about global poverty and talked about it with others? Could you turn your conversation to a topic on poverty for a while?
  Blogging about Global Poverty

Are you a blogger? Do you think that blogging about global poverty would be too much for you because you have not enough knowledge?
  Organize Advocacy or Campaign Events in Your School or Community

TYou might feel that talking only to people around you and sharing information online are not enough. Then, come out to the street and organize street campaigns to raise social awareness of global poverty.
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