Access to Knowledge on Global Poverty
  The giving culture, level of social engagement, and social understanding on global poverty in Korea are relatively lagged behind those in other developed countries. Charity requests relying on tear jerking pictures to beg for sympathy are still prevalent in Korea. This approach often leads people to the misperception that assumes global poverty merely as a matter of food deficiency or inconsiderable happenings in several countries. Expanded open access to poverty-related knowledge is essential for improving social awareness and fostering a stronger culture of giving.
  Spreading Altruistic Memes.

Our selves and actions are shaped by our thoughts. Our thoughts are shaped by our knowledge, directly from personal experiences or indirectly from reading and hearing about others’ narratives. A ‘meme’ refers to a mechanism of an idea, behavior, or a belief that spreads from person to person within a culture. Memes force us to keep thinking - and talking - to spread more memes. Altruistic memes lead to more altruism, and more altruism will stipulate more altruistic behaviors.

The variety of human altruism and cooperation can be used effectively for social awareness. Broad dissemination of public knowledge activates altruistic behaviors among people. More-easy to-read information and video clips on global poverty would lead more people to discuss global poverty, understand the seriousness of the problem, and realize the dire need of their help. It helps people make better-informed decisions of charitable or benevolent actions.

Overcoming Digital Distraction

An abundance of information and a deluge of digital distraction make people pay less attention to global poverty. Every day, people use their smartphone and laptops to communicate with others, read news articles, shop, and play games. Our lives, however, are currently flooded by countless messages, celebrity gossip, rumors, and pop-up ads. In daily life, people hardly encounter any new information about global poverty. People cannot always get informed about global poverty and meet the possibility to mediate its repercussion. Our approach entirely focuses on improving public awareness of global poverty with expanded access to public knowledge. We believe that providing the public with more opportunities to learn about the seriousness of global poverty will encourage the culture of social responsibility and contribution.
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