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We have launched a free mobile application for Android users. It is designed to provide Korean smartphone users with open knowledge, aiming to raise social awareness of global poverty. As of 2013, there are more than 30 million smartphone users in South Korea. Therefore, the mobile application would become a ground-breaking path to disseminate public knowledge of global poverty in daily life. The app contains the most current data and news relevant to global poverty, from the world's poorest regions, in particular, from Sub-Saharan Africa.

It gives its users access to a database that covers issues affecting global poverty, such as food crisis, sanitation, HIV/AIDS, education, public health, heavy debts, and access to medicine. The database also includes solutions, like economic opportunities, social entrepreneurs, and innovative solutions. This app allows its users to get to know issues and concerns affecting global poverty. The app is linked to GP3 Korea's social network sites, and to donation. We are hoping that this application will tremendously increase public access of global poverty.

  Voices on Global Poverty  
Our mobile podcast application Voices on Global Poverty is an innovative way that enhances social awareness of global poverty more quickly and more broadly. The podcast series offer stories and easy explanation on global poverty to audiences who want to expand their perspectives on the world-wide efforts to alleviate poverty. Each episode delivers informative talks about the issues affecting global poverty and a range of innovative solutions to world's most pressing social problems. All episodes are prepared by our volunteer narrators, media producers, and technicians.

The mobile podcast plays a role of civic journalism, covering a wide range of topics that the traditional mass media have neglected to report over the years, such as global health, vaccination, preventable diseases, food security, water shortage, primary education, and social entrepreneurship. The episodes are freely available to the public and educational communities around the world. Gaining public knowledge about global poverty , the audiences will be induced to participate in forms of cooperative actions of engaged individuals, nonprofits, and civil groups.

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