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  The Global Poverty Digital Library(www.povertywiki.org) is a free online encyclopedia focusing on the issues affecting global poverty and global health. The Digital Library was launched in 2011, as an open platform that aims to make useful resources available to those who wish to learn more about global poverty and propagate the knowledge within and outside their communities. By making the information more readily accessible and unrestricted of use, the Digital Library plays a pivotal role in sharing and disseminating the public knowledge on issues affecting global poverty. Anyone can use the content from the Digital Library, at any given time and place.

We have adopted Wikipedia’s approach in producing and organizing its contents. All of the contents on the Digital Library are produced by registered volunteers and occasionally anonymous contributors, who are loosely affiliated through the internet but deeply understand the mechanism of online collaboration. Anyone can easily join the cooperative work of producing public knowledge. Unknown internet users’ participation in gathering valuable information in Korean will spread our philanthropic initiatives, and inspire more people to join us.

The more people get to know global poverty and preventable diseases, the more strongly people will stand against it. The increased availability of open knowledge is critically important to raising public awareness. The level of social understanding about global poverty is deeply related to whether the relevant information is readily available or not. We hope that our contents will continuously facilitate effective giving and participatory culture.

Open Access and Copyright Policy

GP3 Korea believes free online communication and exchange of knowledge as the most effective way to bring about fruits of research and innovative solutions, and to make development practice widely available, read, and used. It is therefore committed to open access that enables the widest possible dissemination of poverty related content, and increases capability to discover pertinent information. The “wiki”, for its namesake, refers to software that allows anyone with Internet access to add, change or edit entries. Anyone is able to edit, add, share, copy, and send open knowledge under 2.0 Creative Commons Public License.(http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/kr) Through collaborations with other non-profit organizations, development agencies, and mobile application developers, we will continue to offer non-commercial, free-to-use contents and data, to support anyone with whom we share ideas and values.
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